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Ayam Bakar | Brata’s Special Grilled Chicken

I have tried a lot of chicken recipe but finally, I have my own grilled chicken recipe that I’m really satisfied with and lovin’! Whenever I make this, it always happened that I make it for a large group of friends, so I apologize that the measurement of this recipe is quite large.

10 pieces chicken thighs, trim excess fat
8 cloves garlic, minced
7 candlenuts, finely chopped
4 bay leaves
1 stalk lemongrass (the white part), cut into 3″ length pieces
2 tsp ginger paste
3-5 Tbs Sambal Oelek (depend on your spiciness preference)
2 cups palm sugar (boiled with water to be made into liquid)
4 Tbs sweet soy sauce
2 Tbs soy sauce
3 cups of water
salt and pepper, to taste

Basting Sauce for grilling
Leftover from the marinade sauce
3 Tbs margarine, melted
2 Tbs sweet soy sauce
1 Tbs honey (optional)

In a deep pan, heat oil over medium heat.
Put in garlic and candlenuts.
Add in bay leaves, lemongrass, and ginger paste.
Put in the chicken thigh, mix well, and cook for a few seconds.
Add in Sambal Oelek, sweet soy sauce, soy sauce, and stir well.
Mix in palm sugar liquid and water.
Cook until the chicken is well done.
Marinate overnight for best result.
Brush in the basting sauce on the chicken before grilling.
BBQ on charcoal or grill in the oven (450 degrees, 6-8 minutes on each sides) until fragrant.