Hello there! It’s nice to meet you. I’m Ivana. I’m a newlywed graphic designer residing in Dallas, Texas. I’m Chinese by heritage, but I’m Indonesian all around.

Now, let me tell you what I love. I love cooking and food from the simple sunny side up to the most intricate gourmet dish, and everything else in between. It’s mostly made-from-scratch cuisine in my kitchen, but I don’t mind at all using ready-made spices at times. I mostly cook Asian food especially Indonesian and Chinese, but I love trying out new things such as Korean, Japanese, Thai, Italian, and American cuisines.

I am self-taught and I love experimenting with different recipes and perfect it to our family’s taste. When I do use other people’s recipe, I definitely won’t take credit for it. I don’t consider myself a culinaire expert by ANY means, but I just love to cook and to see the people I love enjoy the food that I cook.

And those things are what Yellow Apron is all about.


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